Fridge Carafe with cover, Woven Navy Blue

Eva Solo

Designed by Tools Design

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The elegant and stylish carafe, inspired by the classic milk bottle, is perfect for any modern home and slides neatly and easily into the fridge. With neoprene on the inside and a woven textile on the outside, it resembles upholstery fabric. The inner neoprene layer ensures your drink is kept hot or cold for up to 30 minutes.


This classic is part of an award-winning range of 100% drip-free jugs and carafes from Eva Solo which leave no drips or marks on the table. The patented stainless steel pouring insert makes it easy to pour without spilling, while the flip-top lid opens automatically when serving. The large mouth of the carafe allows you to add ice cubes, lemon wedges, cucumber slices, strawberries or mint leaves easily to the water. It is dishwasher-safe.

• Inspired by classic milk bottle


• Perfect for any home and fits perfectly in any fridge


• Neoprene layer on the inside keeps drink hot or cold for up to 30 minutes


• True classic as part of award-winning range of 100% drip-free jugs and carafes


• Consists of patented stainless steel pouring insert making it spill-free


• Large mouth of carafe to allow easy adding of ice-cubes, lemon wedges, cucumber etc


• Dishwasher-safe


• Made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, silicone and neoprene



1 litre

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