EM77 Vacuum Jug Dark Blue Metallic



A true Danish design icon, the classic EM77 Vacuum Jug created by Danish designer Erik Magnussen is one of Stelton’s best-selling designs. Quintessentially Scandinavian, it features the vacuum jug’s patented unique rocker stopper which lets you serve with a single hand. It also has a handy screw cap, making it ideal for use on the move.


The vacuum jug is produced twice a year in the season’s on-trend Scandinavian colours. This spring’s new EM77 colours are inspired by the fi­rst signs of spring, letting thoughts wander to light Scandinavian evenings by the sea, and sandy beaches with gentle summer breezes.


• A classic and an icon of Danish design created by Erik Magnussen


• One of Stelton’s best sellers


• Features unique patented rocker stopper which allows for pouring with a single hand


• Consists of screw cap making it easy for use when on the move


• Available in various seasonal colours and material




Height: 30 cm

Ø: 10.5 cm

Vol: 1 litre




• For the safety of small children, please use the picnic stopper

• Do not use a wire brush or any other tool to clean the inside

of the bottle

• Glass wall is delicate, handle with care

• Vacuum jug should be preheated prior to filling with boiling water to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations which may cause the glass to shatter

• Rinse the jug with clear water for cleaning


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