Abundance Airtight Canister


Designed by Kate Chung

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Designer Kate Chung's Abundance Airtight Canisters blend Chinese philosophy with insightful design to create a functional storage item for the kitchen. One of the key Chinese philosophies describes that the earth is square and the heaven is round to manifest the stability and the mobility, the yin and yang. She uses terra cotta and silicone lid to translate the thinking into modern airtight canisters with a touch of Zen. Also, with a whisk of imagination, you can turn them into a sleek vase.

• Designed by Kate Chung


• Modern, functional airtight canisters with a touch of zen


• Awards won include Good Design Award, Design Plus, Design for Asia Award 2011 (Merit Recognition) and German Design Award Nominee


• Made of terra cotta, the canisters feature a black, raw exterior and a red interior


• Silicone lid contrasts the smoothness of the man-made material with the rawness of the natural canister


• Can be also used as a sleek vase

Dimensions (Small):

Ø: 10.5cm

H: 12.7cm


Dimensions (Medium)

Ø: 10.5cm

H: 15.5cm


Dimensions (Large)

Ø: 10.5cm

H: 21cm


Dimensions (XLarge)

Ø: 10.5cm

H: 30.8cm

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