Time Maze Wall Clock


Daniel Libeskind designed the Time Maze which is his first project with Alessi. Libeskind has worked worldwide and is one of the stars of the contemporary deconstructivist architecture movement. His most original and interesting works include the Jüdisches Museum constructed in 1998 in Berlin and more recently, One World Trade Center in New York. He designed Time Maze, a clock whose body takes the form of a broken red line. The object's design explicitly recalls the designer’s architectural style, with discontinuous lines, broken surfaces, cuts and openings. The clock's mechanism is to be found at the centre of the structure formed by the red line.


The black hands are positioned on a little metal ring of the same colour that hides the mechanism from view. The hole used to hang the Clock on the wall is located on the mechanism. While moving, the hands both cross and overlap with the red line. Another formal detail emphasizes this interaction between the red line of the Clock body and the two little black parallelepipeds that represent the hands. The three elements are all of the same thickness. As such, when one of the hands passes over a part of the red line it completely conceals it, creating further discontinuity in the clock's structure. The hours are indicated by little holes distributed along the red line in an irregular circle that restores a degree of conventionality to the clock face. Time Maze is produced from steel coloured with red epoxy paint. The hands are made from aluminum and coloured with black epoxy paint. The mechanism runs on AA batteries. The “Time Maze” Clock forms part of the Living Accessories catalogue dedicated to small home accessories.

• Designed by internationally renowned designer, Daniel Libeskind for his first project with Alessi


• Body of clock takes the form of a broken red line which reflects the designer’s architectural style


• Part of Alessi’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection


• Made of steel coloured with red epoxy paint and aluminium clock hands


L: 50cm

W: 47cm


Runs on AA batteries


Hole for easy  attachment of clock to the wall

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