Steamer Basket


The steamer basket is made from cedar wood and terra cotta base. The cedar wood steamer basket differs from others in that it has a perforated terracotta base.  Ideal for steam cooking as it absorbs excess moisture and prevents the food from becoming soggy. Great addition to the highly functional steamer which won several international design awards.

• Made of cedar wood and terra cotta base


• Perforated terra cotta base absorbs excess moisture and prevents food from becoming soggy


• Great addition to the steamer for the preparation of more food


• Available in three different sizes to suit any steamers

Dimensions (18cm):

Ø: 18cm
H: 6.6cm


Dimensions (24cm):

Ø: 24cm
H: 7cm


Dimensions (24cm Extended Height):

Ø: 24cm
H: 8.8cm


Dimensions (28cm):

Ø: 28cm
H: 8.6cm

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