Circle Bowl


Never before produced since its conception in 1954, the Circle Bowl is designed as a perfect circle, yet visually creates the illusion of an ellipse. Wanting to put a spin on a traditional form, Juhl’s design embraces the beauty of symmetry in carefully thought out proportions. The sides of the bowl are precisely balanced, rising as much as they recede, creating perfectly corresponding lines of the bowl all around. The uniformity creates striking reflections for all things placed within.

• Designed by Finn Juhl in 1954


• Made of polished stainless steel


• Design encapuslated the beauty of symmetry in carefully thought out proportions


• Available in two sizes: small (20cm diameter) and large (30cm diameter)

Dimensions (Small):

Ø: 20cm 


Dimensions (Large):

Ø: 30cm 

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