Bank Pendant


Designed by Norm Architects



The Bank Pendant is an indoor, semicircular pendant crafted from opal or smoke mouth-blown glass and black powder coated aluminum fittings. The opaque glass gently diffuses 360-degree light from any E27 bulb, creating ambience and providing excellent task lighting. The pairing of opaque glass and fine metal lends the product enduring quality, tactility and longevity. A special fitting with a wire ensures that the unique glass shade can easily be adjusted to hang evenly.


Norm Architects’ take on the retro pendant of the 1920s reflects the designers’ focus on functional, simple, and timeless objects. As they were clean in form and practical in their even distribution of light, these lights became popular bearers of good task and ambient lighting and commonly used in classrooms, libraries, courthouses, banks and kitchens.


In the Bank Pendant, ornamentation has been removed to reveal the essence of the omni-light form, which generates 320-degree illumination. The pairing of opal or smoke mouth-blown glass with black powder coated aluminum creates beautiful contrasts, with gently curved edges throughout the design creating the soft, unified expression Norm Architects are known for. Purposeful and versatile, the Bank Pendant accommodates any E27 bulb, allowing you to create the desired ambience with soft, glare-free light. A special fitting featuring a wire makes it easy to ensure that the shade always hangs evenly. Like its 1920s predecessors, the Bank Pendant finds itself at home in historic landmarks, bistros, offices and other public spaces – and proves just as adept at lending ambience to private homes.


• Inspired by the popular retro pendant of the 1920s


• Perfect in creating ambience and provides excellent task lighting


• Soft, unified expression created by the beautiful contrasts of glass and aluminum with gently curved edges


• Highly versatile allowing you to create the desired ambience with soft, glare-free light


• Perfect for homes, offices, cafes, public spaces and historic landmarks


• Made from opal or smoke mouth-blown glass and black powder coated aluminum


Dimensions (cm / in)
H: 30 cm / 11,8”
Ø: 35 cm / 13,8”


Anodised Aluminum, Glass, E27


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