Hailing from Taiwan, young Taiwanese design duo Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei share an obsession for Scandinavian design and founded design studio, Afteroom, which is on a mission to create products that will become more treasured as the years pass. In 2013, they designed Menu’s first ever chair, the Afteroom Chair which is one of MENU's most popular products.

Simplicity and honesty are at the heart of their design philosophy and they seek to explore the relationship between time and space. ‘Afteroom’ itself means the transformation that a space experiences over a long period of time. They aim to create pieces that are not only to be enjoyed in the present but that can be passed down through generations. Consequently, Afteroom’s designs carry a pure, paired-back aesthetic that arrives from the duo’s sensory intuition and judgment.

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Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger | Hooks and Clothes Rack | Bibliotek
Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger Brass | Hooks and Clothes Rack | Bibliotek
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