Troels Øder & HuskMitNavn

Troels Øder and HuskMitNavn met each other on the street back in the 90’s and have worked together ever since. Troels Øder is a furniture & product designer working with mass produced products, interior & spatial design. Graduated from The Danish School of Design in 2004 he has worked both as an independent designer and with high profile projects as part of larger design teams. HuskMitNavn works as an artist and has had numerous shows around the world. His manifestations include street posters, graffiti, T-shirt prints and drawings for a whole range of media. The naive, strikingly stylized egg-headed and sausage-limbed characters in HuskMitNavn's universe, are now publicly known figures.
They place great emphasis on having fun and letting it shine through their products. They challenge each other, tap on their respective professional competencies to come up with ideas which can be developed further. They require their products to be precise, simple and tell good stories.
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