Rikke Hagen

Rikke Hagen graduated from the Danish School of Design, Glassware and Ceramics in 1998. From 1998 to 2008 Rikke Hagen owned a unique glass workshop, where she produced her own limited editions in glass. In 2004, Rikke took the first step towards establishing her design studio Copen Hagen. Under the "Copen Hagen"-name, Rikke Hagen develops her own designs. Today Rikke Hagen focuses on the design process, from idea development and concept building to the finished product.
Her vision is to create design for everyday life - preferably through a glance of simplicity and play. She believes that good design is when a product is delivered and done and must be in a way that you would not want it any different. She firmly believes that it is the detail that makes the difference.
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