Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen has had his own design studio since he was 26 years old. When Nicholai designs, he uses himself as the target group. Proportions are extremely important in his work and details are not added from a decoration perspective but only if they serve some kind of purpose.
He is inspired by everything that surrounds him and especially art, food, nature and machinery. When Nicholai Wiig Hansen designs a new product, he always thinks of the end product before sketching a single drawing. Everything from production to form and all the way to the end-user perspective. The Geo series has won several awards which include the Red Dot Award, Best of the Best (2013) and German Design Award, Special Mention (2014).
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Geo Vacuum Jug, Purple, Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Bibliotek Design Store
Geo Vacuum Jug, Turquoise, Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Bibliotek Design Store
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