Francis Cayouette

Canadian, Francis Cayouette (1969) is educated in Montreal and Paris. He has been running his office Unit10 design, from Copenhagen since 1999. He works in collaboration with Scandinavian and international companies on product innovation and development for both large-scale and small serie productions.

His design is characterized by a strong empathy for daily life with a feel for the industrial and functional aspects of design. Francis has designed many different products from home accessories to clever storage units to elegant lifestyle products. He focuses on the needs instead of the product when starting a project. He then finds the right balance between form language, practical function and feasibility in a clear and understandable product. He wants the result to be surprising and innovative, but it should also be honest and feel very natural.

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RIG TIG COOL IT Water Carafe Blue with water | Drinkware & Glassware | Bibliotek
Theo Teapot

By Stelton

Stelton Theo Tea Cup & Coaster | Tea Accessories & Tableware|Bibliotek
Stelton Theo Milk Jug | Coffee, Tea Accessories & Tableware| Bibliotek
Stelton Theo Sugar Bowl | Coffee & Tea Accessories | Bibliotek
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