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The Finn Juhl Clock, originally designed by Finn Juhl for the Trusteeship Council Chamber’s interior at the UN building in 1952, is designed and crafted with a unique precision that offers an exceptional harmony. It is an absolute work of art that will embellish modern homes around the world for years to come.


The FJ Clock captures the essence of Juhl's design aesthetics combining his favourite wooden material with his clever sense of minimalism: The soft organic shape that highlights the natural quality of the teak wood meets the aluminium clock face that captures his flair for clever minimalism. The concave shape of the clock is emphasised by the exact design of the dials a rare harmony emerges and proves the enduring quality of the FJ Clock.


The FJ Clock is half the size of the original clock that is still hanging in the Trusteeship Council Chamber. In the attempt to perfect the clock Architectmade got hold of the drafter who originally worked on the clock with Finn Juhl in the fifties. He ensured that all drawings and measurements of the clock matches the original drawings exactly – down to the last millimeter. The FJ Clock is verified by the original drafter. 


• Designed by Finn Juhl in 1950


• A masterpiece capturing the essence of Finn Juhl’s design aesthetic


• Soft organic shape highlights the natural quality of teak wood


• Work of art that is perfect for any modern homes


• Made from Class A certified Tectona Grandis teak from Burma, which is so rare that production of the clock is very limited


Ø: 34cm

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