Desinere is a design consultancy founded by Melvin Ong in 2012 and focuses on bespoke object, home decor vases, lighting & lamps and furniture pieces. The latin root of the word silence is desinere, meaning “stop”. The type of stopping at the roots of silence is that which enables an individual to take the sensory measure of the world. It is ironic that in the state of being detached from our surroundings, we become more attuned and sensitive to it. Through this momentary solace, we begin to make subtle discoveries. Desinere thus approaches design through a quiet reflection of relationships between items, people & experiences; to create authentic, honest objects that are refreshingly unexpected.

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Monolith: Lounge Side Table, Brushed Metal, Melvin Ong, Bibliotek Design Store
Monolith: Lounge Side Table, Matt Black, Melvin Ong, Bibliotek Design Store
Monolith: Lounge Side Table, White, Melvin Ong, Bibliotek Design Store
Rok: Paperweight, Melvin Ong, Bibliotek Design Store
Rok: Paperweight

By Desinere

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