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8 home décor ideas to achieve the minimalist look

Sep 23,2016 | Bibliotek .co

Our home is a place of comfort and retreat without excess items and objects to weigh us down. To achieve the minimalist home decor look, it does not mean just white walls and minimal furniture. We will bring some home décor ideas to achieve the minimalist look in your home with ease. Let us begin by exploring the origin of minimalism and what exactly is minimalist design. 


What is minimalist design?

Minimalist design is characterized by:

  1. Simple, clean lines (think geometric shapes)
  1. Muted colours with pared down palettes, usually with only a single hue
  1. Emphasis on functionality


What is the origin of minimalism?

  1. De Stijl MovementDe Stijl simply means “the style” in Dutch and the artists championed pared down aesthetics involving geometric shapes and primary colours. It was a reaction towards the horrors of World War 1 and the aspiration to remake society in its aftermath. Form and function were central to this movement and the De Stijl artists applied their styles to all art forms including industrial design, architecture, painting, typography and even music. 
  1. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), is a German-born architect and widely recognized as one of the 20th century's greatest architects. His style is characterized by the following:

         - Use of steel and plate glass as construction materials

         - Structural frameworks are reduced to a minimum

         - Plenty of open spaces

  1. Traditional Japanese Design – With its clean lines and simplicity, it is considered as a predecessor of minimalism.


8 ideas to achieve the minimalist home décor, here’s how.

  1. Utilitarian Home Décor Accessories. Menu’s FUWL Cage Shelf functional storage unit is designed to beautify and light up any hallway. The top shelf can be used to place keys and the cage can store scarves, gloves and hats.

        FUWL Cage Shelf by Menu

                                        FUWL Cage Shelf from Menu


  1. Natural material such as concrete. The honest nature of concrete and brass used in Menu’s JWDA Concrete Lamp illuminates the beauty of the lamp and these materials make the design both raw and delicate.

        JWDA Concrete Lamp by Menu

                           JWDA Concrete Lamp from Menu


  1. Contrast with clean lines. Instead of opting for only clean lines in your home décor, go for a mix as seen from Normann Copenhagen’s Flip Mirror. The organic shape of the mirror gives it the softness which contrasts perfectly with the glass and steel materials. This gives the Flip a friendly and accommodating expression. It is also multi-functional as you will be able check your appearance in the mirror while keeping your personal belongings on the tray.

          Flip Mirror from Normann Copenhagen

                                  Flip Mirror from Normann Copenhagen


  1. Minimal lighting or where it matters. The innovative design of the Bollard Lamp from Menu consist of a cleverly designed clip and foot allows the lamp to be very versatile. It can be suspended from the ceiling as a traditional light but when the cord is clipped into a side fastener, it can function as a spot light. Not only that, the Bollard can also be used as an upward beam light when placed on its foot, or can be casually placed horizontally on a shelf.

        Bollard Lamp from Menu | Bibliotek Design Store

                                             Bollard Lamp from Menu 


  1. Black or white. Why not both, with the Bold Wall Clock from Normann Copenhagen. The face and hands of the clock have plump, rounded shapes that contrasts nicely with the otherwise minimalistic and industrial design. Bold is stylish, Nordic looking and makes it a decorative addition on the wall of any room in the home.

        Bold Wall Clock from Normann Copenhagen | Bibliotek Design Store 

                                Bold Wall Clock from Normann Copenhagen


  1. Space-saving. An uncluttered kitchen goes a long way in achieving your minimalist home décor. The sculptural whisk from Normann Copenhagen is functional, space-saving and stylish. The whisk can be folded together using the ring in the middle which also serves as a hanging fixture for hanging on the wall.

        Beater Whisk from Normann Copenhagen

                               Beater Whisk from Normann Copenhagen


  1. Introduce simple wall art. Adopting a minimalist home décor style does not mean you do away with art or décor pieces. The hand-woven Shading Embroidery Artwork from Ease Embroidery uses layering to create simple and elegant graphical designs.

        Shading Embroidery Artwork from Ease Embroidery

                       Shading Embroidery Artwork from Ease Embroidery


  1. Demarcate spaces with the use of rug. Rugs are an easy way to bring the décor together and clearly create a more organized and defined space. It is also a platform where you can showcase your furniture. 

        Bold rug from danskina

                                         Bold rug from danskina


Minimalism is not inspired by austerity. Instead, it is a luxurious style with the attitude in which one can possess anything but will only acquire the most elegant and simple objects that suits their personal space and style. It is simple in form yet highly functional, cutting down on unnecessary and extravagant details.


Featured image: by Rory Gardiner for UP Interiors