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12 quotes from Daniel Libeskind on design and architecture

Nov 07,2016 | Bibliotek .co

Daniel Libeskind, an international figure in architecture and urban development was recently in Singapore as part of the “Masters of Technology and Design” Lecture organized by the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Some of his iconic works include the Jewish Museum Berlin, the new World Trade Centre and Reflections at Keppel Bay, a residential development in Singapore. If you are unable to hear from the man who is as iconic as the buildings he has designed, we leave you with some interesting sound bites from the man himself.


Daniel Libeskind | Alessi | Bibliotek Design Store

Image credit: SUTD

On Keppel by the Bay

"It is the atmosphere that gives its intimacy and celebrate everyday life."


Image credit: Keppel Bay Pte Ltd

On architecture and music

“Both are scientific yet aim to appeal to the human soul…and goes beyond words.”

“Architecture is an extension of music…”


On Dresden Military Museum

"Museum pose questions but not give answers…"


"Military history should not be hidden; it belongs to the people…"


Image credit: Hufton+Crow Photography


On key elements of his success

"luck and love"


On effect of 3D printing on architecture

"technology gives accessibility and people are empowered through technology and allows an extension of their desire…"


On “Memory Foundations” the winning submission for the World Trade Centre Master Plan

"History is connected, not a story… a story depends on what we do and act…"


"aim of the project is the affirmation of life after death… "


"slurry wall that withstood the terrorist attack will forever remain as a testament to the strength of America’s foundations…"


Image credit: Jin Lee


On how he finishes his projects

"always leave the table hungry"


On architecture

"Architecture is about construction, not used to be"